Everything is fair in love, war and ELECTIONS?


Ever paid attention to how many terms have been highlighted in the preamble?

And how many of them are actually provided to us? How many of them, in reality, are practiced for the citizens?

It is quite interesting to see how all of those terms made a place to the document after so many discussions and how each one of them have their own importance and relevance. But it is even sad to see how none of them are actually implemented.

This is that time of the year.

Humungous posters and manifestos, advertisements suffocating you from everywhere, never ending rallies, long emotional and impressive speeches, fancy promises and so much more. Did I mention voters?

Umm, not really.

With time, we have come to notice the fact that voters are no longer the ones who choose the most suitable representative, rather they’re the ones who are used to achieve power from and then let down by using the same. We see different parties at war with each other but what is this war for? Is it a war to serve us better? Is it a war to provide us with our basic needs? It is a war to understand and fulfill our demands?

Certainly not.

It is that time of the year where we look for a representative who is a shade better than the other and not for us. The term development, progress, road safety, women safety, rules and regulations, law and order make way to the speeches during lavish rallies, but never after that. When the priorities change and all the promises are again left unfulfilled.

So what is it that still makes us await this time, even though we know how and what it leads to.



This hope somewhere has brought a sense of selfishness in us, wherein we don’t care about the nation or the country, but us.

And what is better than manipulating the helpless?

Here comes bribing, brainwashing, making promises, building temporary faith and so much more. Because we, the people have what the representatives need.

The power that they exercise is what we give to him. Unfortunately, what we want in return is not power but decisions. Decisions for a better country and better society to live in.

The society functions and survives on FAITH.

And surprisingly, this one faith among the citizens, once broken never goes away.

It just gives the strength to seen even worse


Where power is achieved and misused.

When promises are made but not fulfilled.

When speeches are read only once and never again.

When citizens are equal to God and later politics functions on using both.


A hope for a better society and a better country.

A hope for a better representation.

A hope for all those who have been neglected and all that has been destroyed.

A hope for the country and a better life because that is the least we can ask for.