As humans all of us somewhere deep down care about this one good side of us that we wish to show to the world, the side that has all the characteristics of being that GOOD PERSON as per everyone. We try to please everybody, make sure everyone around us sees only that one side of us and love us just for that.

So this concept of being a good person… how important do you think is it?

And before anything else, who do you think sets this benchmark that separates bad from good and others?

There is a small difference that I have recently understood with a few experiences in  my life.

A lot of people might talk to me and think of me as a good human, but what makes me happy is to be better human. Better from before, better from who I was, better from when I became helpless and better from when I promised myself to be better.

The whole concept of being good is very NARROW.

There might be many things that we do because it makes us feel like a good person, but is that similar to really being one?

To understand whether being good for them or being better for yourself, is where the actual meaning to this life lies. To understand what matters to you, what makes you happy and what is important to you, is the road to being better. When  we commit mistakes, we promise ourselves to learn from them for our betterment and not for others. For someone, who wishes to be a good person in front of this society, learning from their mistakes, doing what they love and setting priorities is always going to be difficult. But for someone, who wishes to be a better person for themselves, all these things give them happiness contentment.It is important to know who you are, what you lack and where you want to be in order to become better. This society that we live in is nothing but judgmental.We will never be able to satisfy them and fit in their perfectly. But we can surely make a space for us which is built up of things that make us happy and better each day.

So don’t let the idea of being good get in you way of becoming better.

Don’t do this for them, but for you.

Don’t take decisions because the outcome might be in favor of becoming a good person,rather do it because you self interest and your wishes guide you in that direction.

Stop protecting that identity of a good person or else you’ll never become better.

The concept of good person somewhere categorizes you by putting you in the columns of ARE YOU or ARE YOU NOT. It does not give you any space to be yourself, to choose what suits you or what supports your understanding of things.

Start differentiating between what you want to do and what you’re supposed to do and choose where your happiness lies.

Becoming better sets your standards high and makes you work harder to reach up there and set the bar high up again.

Becoming better will be tough. It will take us from downfalls to falling back even stronger. It will take us from being vulnerable to feeling safer. It will take us from being less confident to gaining strength and belief.  What matters more than being stronger, safer and gaining strength is the journey. Our journey of reaching up there and learning so much with every time we thought we will never get back.

This room that we need to give to ourselves is important for our growth and for us to get BETTER and not just good.