Make it a better place. For you and for me.

Before any other essay or passages, I want every child who is growing up to have a look at this one. I am sure, this will be an eye opener for all if not a collection of fake ideas about the country. Since my childhood, I’ve been reading about this country which is multi lingual, full of different cultures, traditions, respect for each one of them and also the land where women are worshipped in so many forms. I never really happened to visit any such country though.

I am an Indian.

A let down, disappointed and scared citizen of this country, INDIA.

I don’t want to give facts or figures about this country or write about what has been happening. I have reached a point where I have just accepted the place I live in and given up on everything else happening around. I would like to sum up all the fears that have found a place in my heart and how I feel being a part of this haunted place.

Every morning I wake up, I am scared. I am scared of wearing something of my choice, I am scared of telling people about menstruation, I am scared of going out alone, thinking someone would kidnap me, rape, or rob me. I am scared of leaving anyone from my family, alone at home thinking that crime doesn’t see the victim’s age and everyone is prone to danger while they’re alive in this country. I am scared of traveling alone. I am scared of letting anyone inside my house. I am scared of going to temples while I am menstruating. I am scared of  going to public places.And most importantly, I am scared of talking about these fears with anyone.

I’m scared to be alive and also too afraid to die.

This is how every woman feels today.

This is the country you live in.

There’s so much to rectify, so much to put back to place.

Each one of us hold immense responsibility to correct everything that has gone wrong.

This society that we live in consists of all of us. We have to make it better, not just for us but for all. That is how this society will sustain.

I hope each one of you wake up to this and do your bit to make this place, safe, if not anything else. This society, this country deserves the best provided the people promise to put in the required effort. It is not a single day’s job. It is something that needs to begin now and shall continue forever limitlessly.